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"Shooting per moment not just per hour"

One Accord Imaging is run by Cornell who is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based out of Sacramento California, specializing in offering an epic experience with an affordable perspective. He has been offering this style of expressive photography since 2004 and has an impressive portfolio. His journey into photographic expressions began in the late 70s while serving in the United States Marine Corps in the Far East. He saw this new and beautiful land in ways he could never express verbally, so he found his expressions through the lens of a camera. 


For years, his gift was hidden as a hobby and only exposed to a few of his closest friends. One of those friends was so impressed by how Cornell captured stories through his images, that he decided to send some of his work to the Art Institute of Atlanta to receive a scholarship. Even though he did not receive the scholarship, they showed positive interest in his work. This recognition ignited the fire for him to offer his passion to the public and One Accord Imaging was born.


Cornell considers his work to be fun yet soulful and inspiring. His special and unique expressions of photography make people smile and feel good about themselves. Each photographic experience shows a new characteristic to his client’s personality. “I love the challenge of photographing someone who may be shy or afraid of the camera and develop a person who becomes comfortable and confident in themselves. 


Now as an aspiring photographer his passion is to capture the human spirit through an elegant approach to the art of photography. I believe photography should tell your story. “I set out to make all my photo sessions fun and exciting. My philosophy is to shoot “per moment not per hour” so he does not mind waiting to capture that special memorable moment. 


One Accord Imaging is his journey of expression through creativity, affordability and fun. He continues to master his craft by capturing expressive moments of photography in the lives of others. Let Cornell create a special moment of expression for you.

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